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Empowering workshops and retreats to find inner joy and wisdom

• What if you could manifest more joy and abundance in your life through the way of horses?
​• What if you could tune in to your "Authentic Self" and hear what your heart is singing for?
​• What if you could  understand the messages behind your emotions and step into your real power?

The Horses Gift with Julie Bechu, a pathway to Joy

Allow yourself to receive the horse's gift,

the gift of being you.

With the "The Horse's Gift",

discover how it feels to be grounded,

authentic, open and soaring in

the unlimited potential of creation.

All of the work is done safely from the ground

and has been created for the non-horse person

and the avid horse-people alike..




 We are currently offering a 15% off for people who register to the "Horse's Gift Introductory workshop"
before the 1st of January 2015.
  Click Here.

Welcome "Home", in the Heart of Mother Nature, in the Art of Resonance. ​
Empowering workshops and retreats in co-creation with Horses and Nature.​

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