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• Narel Wilson

" Thank you Julie for a wonderful day at your workshop. It felt like a safe, calm and nourishing mini retreat for the day and the level of thought and care you provided was beautiful. Your horses were wonderful and willing participants who are obviously very loved. You covered the basics of this work very well and in an easy to understand way. I would highly recommend you and your workshop, thank you."




• Vicki Falconer

" I would d like to thank Julie for connecting me to the horse for the first time. It's like I've never paid attention to the beauty of the simple but open hearted love that can occur between human and horse. When I arrived I had no expectation but for me this has has been a life changing experience. With respect and no agenda on my part they accepted me with an open spirit. They really wanted to be with me and help me. If we allow them they care for us so much. They want to help, assist and guide us. I can't wait to be in their presence again. Julie guides the course with such wisdom and understanding. From beginning to end it was an insightful journey with Julie helping us with each interaction. I recommend this powerful experience to anyone who seeks understanding and peace in their life. This I now know is the wisdom of the horses gift."





• Alyssa Smalley

"I had the most wonderful day with Julie. Everything felt so personalised to my wants, needs and goals and the gentle and caring approach of Julie’s was everything and more. The horses are incredible, all have a gorgeous story and a gorgeous personality to go along with it. The view at Julie’s place is absolutely incredible and so calming, it was perfect! I will definitely be going to see Julie every time I am down the coast and will definitely be recommending her to others :) Thank you Julie <3 "




• Kasia Sujecki



"Working with Julie and the Horses was such a beautiful experience. It was a new concept of healing to me, so i wasn't really sure what to expect. With Julie's guidance and working with the horses, I became aware of internal blockages that were then able to be addressed and begin to release. The whole experience was amazing, in a beautiful location that just felt comfortable and heart-warming. Thanks so much Julie"




• Martin Renaud



" The Horse's gift with Julie Bechu introductory workshop...What a treat to the soul to experience!!.

I dived right into my emotions by bonding with the horses and it brought lots of clarity for me in regards to my relationships at work and with myself. THANK YOU"​​​​​​




• Karen Quant - Owner, Sacred Clearings



"Julie, in this workshop offers the individual the chance to come up close and personal with The Horse and share their SACRED GIFT, I believe for the betterment of the human Spirit. Learning to understand our authentic self is an empowering gift and The Horse mirrors this beautifully for us. Julie holds this space gently as the day unfolds. My thanks to Kaya for showing me my Heart."




• Tom Zuretic

" I can sincerely say I loved the entire experience. Never being around horses in the past , I actually was afraid of them, I have now a clear admiration for these magnificent creatures.

I feel the day offers people the opportunity to not only connect with a beautiful animal but also the opportunity to connect with themselves .

To experience the gently caring nature of these beings brings to me an expanded reality of how connected we are to all things and the realization that we are all not so different.

I would like to thank Julie to for sharing her Horses and introducing us to the gift of the Horse.."



• Ingrid Challenor



" I have always loved and respected the sheer grace and power of horses, but never more than after my experience with Julie.

Through her guidance I was able to connect my inner voice through the wisdom of my body and communicate with each of the horses...

From here I was introduced to some tools that have changed my life.

My experience with The Horse's Gift was enlightening and sacred beyond measure.

Julie Thank you for who you are and what you bring to this world, and especially your darling Horses!!!"

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