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Awaken your sacred potential through the path of the horse. Anyone seeking relaxation, clarity, connecting with their heart space and inner wisdom can benefit from an equine experiential learning private session. All activities are held from the ground, no horse experience is required. 


Julie and the horses offer private one hour sessions for Adults only, from Monday to Thursday each week between 9.30am and 4pm.



Anyone seeking clarity, direction, relaxation and insight can benefit from a private session. It also has proven to be deeply therapeutic and healing. Everyone who desires a richer life experience can benefit from equine experiential learning activities, even those not interested in horses or those who are afraid of horses!


Together, we will begin to focus on how you feel at that present moment and allow yourself to go within as well as connect with the nature that surrounds you. We will then align with your heart intention and explore your questions, concerns or goals at a pace with which you are comfortable; you are the priority. You will meet the horses with Julie and the session may involve you grooming the horses, leading the horses, playing with the horses, simply being with the horses or even engaging with the horses in the arena. Your safety and comfort are our main concerns. No prior horse experience is required. All the activities are done safely from the ground.

Sessions will take place outside in the fresh air, and one or more horses will participate. You can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by Julie, director and facilitator at the Horse’s Gift, and the horses that are there with you. 


Many people comment that, after a session, they feel clearer within themselves, more "aligned" with their heart purpose / intention, calmer and grounded. They feel more confident by gaining a wider perspective on their lives. They start to relate with their emotions in a different way which often improve their way to communicate with others, resulting in harmonious relationships.

Sessions with the horses teach you a lot about who you are at your core, where you get stuck in life, what you believe about yourself, and how you might hold yourself back. The sessions also help people create a more balanced life, reduce stress, quieten their inner critic, develop more self-awareness, improve their communication skills, create healthy boundaries, and live authentically.

Please register to our Mailing list and go to our Make a booking page to see current availabilities For special inquiries, please contact Julie Bechu on or call 0430 788 951.

Payment of the full amount is required to secure booking. Full payment is due 48 hours before the session.

Cancellation Policy: We are more than happy to transfer your booking to a different date if you need to cancel for any reasons. However, to be refunded, a cancellation must be done at least 48 hours prior to the booked private session.There is no tuition refund for a cancellation 48 hours or less prior to the booked private session.

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