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Julie Bechu

Born in France, I grew up in a 12th century village called Rousillon, in the heart of Provence.


There was the little cocoon where I first opened my eyes. Blessed with a loving family, and surrounded by nature, my childhood was set on a beautiful note and it became a wonderful Melody when I had my first "Rendez-vous" with horses.


There a seed was planted. Without even being aware of it at the time, they were going to guide me on an inner transformative journey. They changed my perception of life and the resonance I shared with them so far in my existence is an infinite symphony of joy and wisdom. 

I feel immense gratitude to have crossed paths and learned with amazing teachers,


Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon

(Creators of Cavalia and now EQI le show), who showed equal respect and love for horses. 


They introduced me to the "language" of horses, its sensibility and depth.


I did advanced dressage and a bit of liberty work, but what I learned the most with horses was in the pasture, sitting there and simply being with them all day long.

Julie Bechu

Horses were and have always been present; however, my life journey took me on another adventure.


At the age of 20 years old, in year 2000, I became a video editor and have worked in the film and television industry since. It has been a great learning experience. I learned how to be in touch with my creativity, developed my social and technical skills and explored another aspect of "human nature" within myself and others.


The next chapter brought me all the way to Australia where I have been blessed to live since year 2004. During these years, I did a lot of workshops and retreats on personal development, did yoga, meditation, reiki, kundalini dance, theatre and music therapy.


Always curious and happy to discover more about who I am, I explored what connects me with myself and others, how to look after my body and health, how I can be in touch with my heart and wisdom and reflect it in all I do.


After a car accident and a divorce, it was time to step into my authentic self, to be honest with myself and what my heart sings for. My whole being called for nature and the horses.

There, through a dream, I understood that my path was beside them and surely life brought me back to the essence of my connection with them.


Far beyond the sensation of riding them with a saddle or looking after them the way I was shown, I could remember something unique, yet something that connects us all: the simple pleasure of being and sharing joy with others.


The highlight was when my horse, who first didn't necessarily want to pay attention to me in her paddock, came right next to me and lay down.


This is such a big gesture for horses as prey animals to make. It means they give you their trust, and the feeling that came with it, and the understanding of how it feels to trust myself and life like this, was such bliss, such a gift.


There I knew somehow that our evolution of consciousness is connected with everything else and that Nature has so much to teach us.


We are in co-creation. Horses have been here the entire way of our evolution, they have witness everything, yet always been there beside us. And when we respect them and "see" them with our heart and eyes wide open, the whole library of life's wisdom is revealed to us.


They are like an open music book and each piece of music reminds us where we come from and who we really are.


Each page is a pure reflection of us and each note is an opportunity for us to vibrate in the frequency of our hearts. This book is the pathway to joy and freedom and this is why I want to share this path with everyone.

Julie Bechu, equine experiential learning, wellbeing with horses

After watching the documentary "The Path of the Horse" by Stormy May and reading the books from Linda Kohanov "The Tao of Equus" and "Riding Between The Worlds", I was pleased to see that others could relate to that healthy place of connection and understanding with horses.


I soon discovered that many people were feeling that way, and new ways of interacting and being with horses were born.


I became a member and student of the "Nevzorov Haute Ecole" directed by Alexander Nevzorov.


I then decided to learn more about equine experiential learning and got trained in America with a great teacher, Barbara Alexander. 


I was introduced to Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, Doctor Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Mona Lisa Schultz, Caroline Resnick, Klaus Hempfling and many more...


I graduated and became one of the first facilitator in equine experiential learning (EFEL) in Australia.



I am so grateful to have experienced how it feels to step in your power, feeling grounded and balanced between mind and heart, and finding that alignment, authenticity and peace in my everyday life.


Remembering how it feels to be me, to feel unconditional love and become the embodiment of joy.


But most of all I learned the art of Holding the Space for others to connect with their own symphony, their own healing power, happiness and sacred being.


I am now ready to share that experience and wisdom, and the horses shall lead the way.​

The Horse's Gift with Julie Bechu

© 2012 All rights reserved

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