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I discovered Narooma and its surroundings in 2014, and fell in love with it completely. 

It really felt and still feel like paradise on earth. And when I walked along the side of Camel rock beach and discovered a massive rock falling into the ocean that had the shape of a horse head, I smiled and thought, this land is calling me and deep inside I knew I will one day call it "Home". 

I always felt connected to the land in Australia, more than France, even tho I grew up there, and the Aboriginal culture fascinates me and I owe deep respect to its people.

When I first came here, I got told that to the Yuin people, Gulaga is known as the Mother Mountain, and has always been a woman's place.They would retreat for storytelling, ceremony and childbirth. A woman once said; "there's a sense of connectedness with this place ... it's a spiritual place".

Also, n 2006 the NSW Government formally handed back Gulaga to the Yuin people, because of the significant cultural sites they contain and the living links to local Indigenous groups. Meaning that they are now often gathering on the top of the mountain, like the old days, overlooking at the valley..


What a great thing to know when you are moving to a new place with the intention to hold the space for people to shift, grow while feeling nurtured and secure!

Surrounded by turquoise waters, on the boarders of national states forests, beautiful endless beaches, great pasture for my horses, what else could be manifested to offer the perfect sanctuary for our workshops and retreats! What a blessing.... 

There is something unique and profound about this place that I can hardly explain. I feel the strength of nature in its full power..The wildlife sounds and the sea breeze is so relaxing and peaceful. 


All kind of Birds, Kangaroos, foxes, sheeps, cows, seals, dolphins, whales and many more beautiful species are surrounding our land. It is one of the rare places where you can feel nature to its fullest, vibrant and strong and that makes you feel very much alive.

A whole delightful experience for rejuvenating the body, lightening the mind, enhancing the spirit and connecting with Nature, all in this little paradise on earth.

Humans and Horses can only feel welcome and nurtured when staying in Wagonga. This is why it became our sanctuary.  ​


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