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For centuries, Horses have helped us to carry our burdens, grow our crops, travel our roads, even fight our wars.


In his book The First Horsemen, F. Trippet professed: “Whenever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism, we will find the hoof print of the horse beside it.”​


Horses have shouldered their burdens without surrendering their essential nature. Even after thousands of years of servitude, when let loose, their untamed spirit rises again.


Perhaps this is Horses’ greatest gift of knowledge, that no matter what we have borne in the past, there always exists in us the waiting seed of our true selves. Horses show us that we are always and forever free.​

Horses have lots to teach us. They are wonderful companions and mirrors on this journey of self realization.


The size of such an animal alone inspires a heightened state of awareness.

Horses have a highly emotional intelligence, they are very sensitive and are masters in dealing with unexpected situations: they respond to any subtle changes outside and within us, offering us constant feedback and clear resonance in their actions.


They help us to understand and feel our boundaries, which allows us to find that healthy place of connection within ourselves and with others. ​​​

The Horse's Gift with Julie Bechu

Indeed, as animals that are preyed upon in nature, Horses have a highly refined ability to sense the feelings of predators and other herd members at a distance.


In order to survive, they have to be sensitive to emotional energy and the intention behind it.

If a predator is not hungry, has no intention to attack and is willing to walk in a middle of the herd, the horses would keep grazing.

They would move in a split second if they sensed a subtle change in the body language of the predator or in his intention, but they won’t raise their emotional level until it gets to that point. ​​​


They can read “the key indicators” of non verbal communication while those indicators are small.Therefore they don’t put themselves through unnecessary stress or wait until a point where it all has escalated to such a place that they lose real perception of the situation and put themselves in danger.


They are so connected to their bodies, like all animals are, but it seems that they are especially tuned to sense changes of vibrations.


They don’t hold on to emotions or stories like we do; they adapt and let go straight away.


Subtle changes and nuances that we may not be aware of can provoke reactions in them that give us information about ourselves.


Their responses help us identify behaviors that are impacting our lives and careers in a negative way or keep us from moving forward. ​


The Horse's Gift with Julie Bechu
The Horse's Gift with Julie Bechu

Through the authentic connection that horses require of us, we learn to clearly communicate our intentions.


Gifted teachers and emotional geniuses, horses are capable of facilitating a deep and lasting healing process.


They live in the present, understanding the infinite beauty, power and possibilities contained within every moment.


Their understanding comes from their ability to embody emotions and treat them all as welcome information. ​​​They sense and mirror our inner emotional state and beliefs back to us.

They gently assist us in shifting our perception inward, in seeing our inner truths.


They impart to us the wisdom of emotional intelligence and agility; helping us in understanding the power and flow of the full spectrum of emotions and ourselves.


Their caring nature gently guides us to re-connect with our authentic self, inner wisdom, intuitive sense, power and freedom: to be fully present in the moment and experience all that life has to offer. ​​​


“The Authentic self composes that new song our horses are tirelessly, patiently tuning us to sing. We act in our own best interests when we cut their reins and let them guide us now and then, because in the eyes of these reflective, open hearted creatures, we can never be too joyful, too beautiful or too free.” Linda Kohanov.​

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